About the Lab

The undergraduate research lab exposes students to the empirical study of the law and the courts. Rather than learning about substantive law and outcomes, students work on projects that explore the law through an empirical lens. They examine and uncover how the law works, cases are decided, the process of decision-making, how legal professionals function, and what influences the processes and outcomes. Students may work on a current project (listed under the Research Projects tab) or develop their own sub-project. Please get in touch with Dr. Smith (alisa.smith@ucf.edu) for more information. 

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Participation Options, UCF Resources, & Getting Started

Getting Started

Orientation and Requirements:

     (1) Meet with Dr. Smith to discuss the                  research project that you are interested. 

       (2) Be able to commit a minimum of five               hours a week to the project

       (3) Commit to meeting with Dr. Smith to                review progress once every two weeks (in              person or virtual)

       (4) Complete CITI Training