(in press)   The Cost of (In)justice: A Preliminary Study of the Chilling Effect of the $50 Application Fee in                                       Florida's Misdemeanor Courts. U. Fla. J. L. & Pub. Pol'y. 

(in press)   Beyond Impressionistic Analysis: An Empirical Evaluation of 21st Century Nonlawyer Courts. L. J. Soc.                        Just. 

2019         Misdemeanors Lack Appeal. 45 Am. J. of Crim. L. 305.

2016         Rush to Judgment: How South Carolina's Summary Courts Fail to Protect Constitutional Rights.  

2011         Three-Minute Justice: Haste and Waste in Florida's Misdemeanor Courts

Co-Authored Publications

2016   An Empirical Examination of Societal Expectations of Privacy in the Digital Age of GPS, Cell Phone Towers,                  and Drones. 26 Alb. L. J. Sci. & Tech. 111


2013   Testing Judicial Assumptions of the "Consensual" Encounter: An Experimental Study. 4(1) Fla. C. L. Rev. 285.


2006   When the Victim Recants: The Impact of Expert Witness Testimony in Prosecution of Battering Cases, in Women            and Justice: It's a Crime (4th Edition).

Students as Research Assistants & Collaborators

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Student Presentations and Co-Presentations

April 2020   Non-Monetary Bail and Recidivism (National Social Science Association, Virtual). 

April 2019   Thirty More Years of Social Science in Supreme Court Criminal Cases: 1988-2018 (National                           Social Science Association, Las Vegas, Nevada).

April 2018    Misdemeanor Appeals and Due Process (UCF Undergraduate Showcase, Orlando, FL)

Feb. 2014     Privacy Rights in the Digital Age: An Empirical Approach (Florida Collegiate Honors Council,                       Tampa, FL) 

Mar. 2012     Police-Citizen "Consensual Encounters": Myth or Reality (Academy of Criminal Justice                                  Sciences, NY, NY).